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Update Tool: is used to update Autel branded scan tools, EPB service tools and etc. AutoLink-V1.05.exe   (Size:10MB | Windows 2000/ME/XP/VISTA)
AutoLink AL319: Program Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL319-V0510.bin    (Size:6.5MB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink AL319: DTC  Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL319-V0410.aut    (Size:379KB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink AL419: Program Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL419-V0510.bin    (Size:6.5MB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink AL419: DTC  Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL419-V0410.aut    (Size:379KB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink AL519: Program Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL519-V0510.bin    (Size:6.5MB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink AL519: DTC  Update V4.10 - Minor bug fixes AutoLink-AL519-V0410.aut    (Size:379KB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink TS401: Program Update V2.24 - Minor bug fixes MaxiTPMS-TS401-V224.bin    (Size:6.5MB | Date:10/1/2012)
AutoLink EBT210: Program Update V1.09 - Added PBM – Parking Brake Module for Volvo AutoLink-EBT210-V.1.09.dag    (Size:62KB | Date:March/1/2012)
AutoLink EBT210: DTC  Update V1.09 - Added PBM – Parking Brake Module for Volvo AutoLink-EBT210-V.1.09.AUT    (Size:295KB | Date:March/1/2012)